What Are People Saying About Bingo On Twitter?

Social networking is very much part of life now and from time to time it is good to see what people are saying about particular topics. Bingo is one of them as you can find out who is playing, what offers there are and the latest bingo news. Some people might even be mentioning the latest Bingo Bonuses…!

All it takes is a quick search of ‘bingo’ in Twitter and you can interact, follow and enjoy the ramblings of bingo enthusiasts. Below are the latest offerings –

“Needs a lottery win or a nice win at Bingo. #Skint”

“Going to a bingo fundraiser tonight….. WILL be drinking beforehand.”

“Yes I'm playing bingo with my dad and a random 60 yr old lady. Judge me.”

“My families idea of thanksgiving is everyone getting hammered and playing bingo for money.”

“When my family plays #Bingo , we all put like $5-$10 in , its the easiest way to win money”

“I have one more bronco bingo ticket to sell, and takers?”

“Grab some extra cash for Christmas with the Wink Bingo Festive £50. Ho Ho Ho… the countdown to Christmas has beg.”

As you can see, it’s a fairly mixed bag and perhaps bingo players aren’t normally tweeting, but let’s start getting the word out there! Are you winning, losing or just having fun? Tweet about it!

Let’s finish with a winner’s story. This one comes from Victoria, who won over 2,400 using one of the many free bingo sites available.

She described the win, saying: “I could not believe it when I saw the balance on my account going up before my eyes, my children were soooooo excited and asked if this meant they could have a bigger christmas present!”

We want you to enter, win and then tweet about your success!