Jackpots Won This Month With Online Bingo

Bingo Jackpot Winners

Not only does playing online bingo welcome you into a fantastic group of people who love to chat and play as well as give you access to great games any time of the day. But, of course, there is also the possibility of winning one of the huge jackpots on selected bingo games. Winning these jackpots could change your life forever and all you have to do to be in with a chance is play your favourite online bingo games! Check out some of the latest lucky recipients of bigo jackpots!

Foxy Bingo

This month several lucky winners earned their share of a massive £200,000 jackpot for writing a Foxy related poem! First of these winners was Aneel123 who wrote:

“Thank you Foxy you're a Star
Giveaway cash will take me far
It will increase my playing power
To enter those Jackpot games on the hour
If I should have a super big win
I might just give those slots a spin”

Another of these lucky winners was Nevanonowtlikit who said:

“Aww Thank you Foxy. What a lovely surprise to learn I had won a share of Foxy's £200,000 give away promotion… I guess my little ode I often repeat when I play on the site…has paid off lol !!!

Hocus pocus I need to focus…
I need to win some brass…
Tonight dear Foxy
I'm gonna kick your ass…!!!!”

Mecca Bingo

This month Julie won £28,000 in the Mega Ball Booster! Julie pocketed the jackpot while she made herself a cup of tea! Possibly the best cup of tea ever!

Talking about her massive win she said, “I came in from work and bought my tickets and then went to make myself a cup of tea. When I got back, the game had been won and I hadn’t even seen it play out but the roomies were telling me that I had won £28K. I couldn’t believe it and had to phone Mecca to check that I had. It’s just amazing. I am going to get new windows for the house, treat my kids to a holiday and help my son with his wedding next year but most importantly I am going to buy myself a new pair of slippers as the dog ate one of them yesterday and I couldn’t buy another pair until payday!!”

Paddy Power Bingo

Its not just big money jackpots that can be won playing online bingo! There are also a rack of top prizes that are offered in-play or in mini side games. For example Paddy Power were giving away tickets too see Michael Buble in concert this month.

One lucky winner said “I had such a great time and so did my guest the best part was being able to meet other bingo players from the site it made the evening more enjoyable, nice to see the face behind the laptop (and a cm there would of been a bonus). All in all i had such a great time better than winning money, i am over the moon i was picked!”

Sun Bingo

You can never be sure when Lady Luck is going to smile on you! When you need her most she’s nowhere to be found then when you least expect it she pays you a visit twice! As Mark A recently found out at Sun Bingo when he won a fanastic jackpot of over £3,000 on Bargain Bingo then scooped a jackpot of £1,265 on Bingo 90 just a little over a week later.

“To win one jackpot was enough but to win two jackpots in two weeks, I’m speechless! Thank you Sun Bingo – two holidays and a new bike! Still in shock!”

Congratulations Mark, enjoy your holidays and your new bike!