A Bingo Club On Every Corner

Remember the days when there seemed to be a bingo club on every street corner? They were great meeting places for the local community. Many were open for afternoon and evening sessions and you would find everyone from young mums escaping the husband and kids for a few hours to pensioners with plenty of spare time and a bit of cash to spend.

The staff seemed to know everyone by name and kept the older less mobile customers happy bringing drinks,pens and tickets to their seats In fact if you were a ‘regular' you would probably have a ‘reserved ‘ seat and woe betide anyone who sat in it by mistake! It was a lifeline for many who lived alone providing company and a friendly face.

The manager would circulate making sure the punters were happy. He would make sure there was an endless supply of change for the cash bingo and fruit machines. A lack of change could aversely affect his monthly bonus!.As the clubs evolved in the 70s and 80s many began providing cheap meals as a way of attracting customers. The licensed bars began to appear and it was possible to have a tipple to celebrate your wins.

In recent years there has been a massive decline in these small local independent clubs the cost of maintaining many of these buildings which were converted cinemas making it impossible to run a profitable business any longer. We now seem to be left with the megaclubs which will probably mean taking a bus ride into the town centre. They are undoubtedly a lot ‘posher' than the old places and usually operated by large faceless organisations but to me they seem to have lost the friendliness and personal touch of the local clubs.Of course there is now the alternative of on line bingo.

You are able to play in the comfort of your own home ,can have a drink,a cigarette if you want to and dont have to worry about parking or catching a bus home. You can chat online to other players or make a night of it and invite a few friends round. There are countless online clubs like Jackpot Joy, Paddy Power and Sun Bingo to choose from and many of them have games which cost from 1p per ticket. At these prices you wont loose you shirt,you could make awhole new circle of friends while having some fun ,go on give it a try. At least you know your seat will always be ‘reserved'.